Interim Director

Professor Richard Harper – Interim Director of MonashHeart

Professor Richard Harper is the Interim Director of MonashHeart, Monash Health. Professor Harper will undertake this role while an international search is undertaken to fill the Professor/Director of MonashHeart position.

Professor Harper is a highly respected cardiologist, advisor, supervisor, lecturer and mentor. He has held the role of Emeritus Director of MonashHeart since 2005, was the clinical co-lead of the DHHS Cardiac Clinical Network and more recently has been appointed as the Chair of the Cardiology Committee for the Australian Government MBS Taskforce. He was also the previous director of the Monash unit prior to Professor Meredith.

Professor Harper key priorities over the coming months is to continue to improve cardiac services for patients and to contribute to the planning for the Victorian Heart Hospital.

Clinical Nurse Coordinators

Caroline Bowman

Ms Caroline Bowman – Clinical Nurse Coordinator, Early Intervention Systolic Heart Failure Program, MonashHeart

In March 2014 Ms Caroline Bowman was appointed to the role of clinical nurse consultant and established the Early Intervention Systolic Heart Failure (EISHF) Program alongside cardiologist Dr Siobhan Lockwood. EISHF is an innovative nurse led, cardiologist supported program focused on improving heart failure self-management/education, improving patient outcomes and reducing heart failure admissions. Caroline’s role involves patient focussed heart failure education, health literacy counselling and phone support following hospital discharge. Caroline also attends the weekly EISHF clinic, facilitates and coordinates patient multidisciplinary care needs and provides a central contact for general practitioners.

Melissa Harvey

Ms Melissa Harvey – Clinical Nurse Coordinator, Cardiac Rhythm Management, MonashHeart

Melissa Harvey gained the position of cardiac rhythm management clinical nurse consultant in October 2016. Melissa began her cardiac nursing career in 2009 on MonashHeart’s cardiac care unit where she gained extensive cardiac nursing experience. Melissa helped establish the nurse led, cardiologist supported Atrial Fibrillation Clinic within MonashHeart where patients receive a combination of medical therapy, education and on-going support. Melissa holds a post-graduate certificate in cardiac care and a master of nursing practice.

Maree Lawrence

Ms Maree Lawrence – Clinical Nurse Coordinator, Structural Heart Disease Program, MonashHeart

Ms Maree Lawrence is a long standing member of MonashHeart, having commenced in 1998 as a cardiac catheterisation laboratory nurse. During this time she undertook post-graduate education in critical care nursing as well as gaining extensive experience in roles including the clinical applications manager and as research coordinator. She became the structural heart disease clinical coordinator in June 2014. The structural heart program encompasses cases such as transcatheter aortic valve replacement, percutaneous mitral valve repair, percutaneous transluminal septal myocardial ablation, atrial septal and patent foramen ovale closures. Her role incorporates all aspects of pre and post procedural patient management, case scheduling, facilitating weekly ‘heart team’ meetings and providing ongoing patient education and support.


Ms Amy Dorat – Clinical Nurse Educator, Cardiac Care Unit, Jessie Mcpherson Private Hospital

Early experience in cardiothoracic nursing led to Ms Amy Dorrat’s interest in cardiac nursing. Amy subsequently completed post graduate qualifications in critical care and is the clinical nurse educator on the 26-bed Jessie McPherson cardiac care unit, leading nursing education on this combined cardiology and cardiothoracic unit.

Ms Yasmine Ivankovic – Clinical Nurse Educator, Cardiac Care Unit, Clayton

After many years of cardiac nursing on the cardiac care unit, Clayton, Ms Yasmine Ivankovic has the position of clinical nurse educator for this 21-bed and 60 EFT unit. Yasmine’s passion is shaping new models of learning for cardiac care nursing and leading knowledge development in the cardiac field of healthcare.

Ms Kim Lumsden – Clinical Nurse Educator, 32 South, Cardiothoracics, Clayton

With over 25 years cardiac nursing experience including at the Epworth Hospital, Alfred Hospital and Austin Health, Ms Kim Lumsden joins MonashHeart as the clinical nurse educator for cardiothoracics; a position she is well skilled having been the clinical nurse educator of the cardiac and thoracic unit at Austin Health for a number of years. Kim has a Bachelor of Education from La Trobe University and a Critical Care Certificate from the Alfred Hospital.

Ms Catherine Mylrea – Echocardiography Educator

Ms Catherine Mylrea has a passion and skill for echocardiography education and is the echocardiography educator for MonashHeart’s team of songraphers and medical staff. With over 30 years experience in all facets of cardiac technology, she is a senior and well respected sonographer.

Mr Anthony Wald – Point-of-Care Echocardiography Educator

Mr Anthony Wald qualified as a cardiac physiologist in South Africa, subsequently working in Europe and Australia. He undertook the role of Chief Cardiac Physiologist of MonashHeart for 10 years before becoming the point-of-care echocardiography educator for Monash Health in mid 2015.

Mr Kevin White – Clinical Nurse Educator, Cardiac Catheterisation Labortories

Kevin has 15 years cardiac care and cath lab nursing experience and is the first full-time cath lab educator in Australia. Kevin set up an interventional cardiology stream of the critical care course in partnership with Deakin University and now guest lectures in contemporary cath lab nursing practice. He is a Victorian representative of the Interventional Nurses Council (INC) and a member of the INC national education guidelines working party and CSANZ continuing professional development committee.


Mr Steve Farrell – Chief Cardiac Physiologist

Steve Farrell completed his nurse training in Edinburgh in 1989 and worked in coronary care and cardiothoracic intensive care units in both Scotland and Australia until 1997. During this period he obtained a Graduate Diploma in Critical Care Nursing and trained in cardiac technology. In 1997 he was employed as a cardiac physiologist and was appointed chief cardiac physiologist at Epworth Hospital from 1997 until 2007 during which time he obtained a Graduate Diploma in Cardiac Ultrasound. In 1998 he joined MonashHeart to learn paediatric echocardiography and has assisted in the training of students undertaking diploma courses in cardiac ultrasound. Steve was appointed as MonashHeart’s chief cardiac physiologist in August 2015.

Mr Jatinder Bhagat – Nurse Unit Manager, Cardiac Care Unit, MonashHeart Clayton

After a range of different professional careers including mechanical engineering and special police forces, Jay undertook a career change to nursing. Jay trained as a registered nurse division 2, going on to complete a bachelor of nursing and post-graduate qualification in cardiac nursing.  He has gained an extensive nursing experience working in different specialities such as emergency, neuro surgical, general medicine, cardiothoracic and ICU. He joined 32 South (cardiothoracic) in 2009 where he was associate nurse unit manager (ANUM) and worked as an acting NUM. Before joining CCU as NUM, Jay was the acting NUM on 44 South (haematology) for more than one year.  Jay is also proud to serve as an Australian Army officer – Lieutenant in the army reserve.

Mr James Harley – Lead Cardiac Sonographer

With 25 years’ experience in cardiology and over 16 years as a cardiac physiologist, James has been appointed the lead cardiac sonographer of MonashHeart’s echocardiography services . He has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and has worked in coronary care and the cardiac cath lab before training as a cardiac physiologist and obtaining his Diploma in Medical Ultrasound. James has a passion for the diagnostic side of cardiac physiology and enjoys the diversity of MonashHeart’s cross-site service.

Mr Daniel Nicolici – Lead Cardiac Cathetherisation Laboratory Physiologist

Daniel began his journey at MonashHeart as an industry biased learning (IBL) student after completing his Bachelor of Science and Computer Systems Engineering in 2010. Over the last eight years Daniel has honed his skills as a cardiac physiologist by mentoring and advising many public and private cardiac centres throughout Australia. Daniel has focused on the sub-speciality area of cardiac intervention and cardiac rhythm management.

Ms Jane Purcell – Nurse Unit Manager, 31 North, Jessie McPherson Private Hospital, Clayton

Jane Purcell is the nurse unit manager for 31 North at Jessie McPherson Private Hospital and has an extensive clinical and managerial background in private hospitals across Melbourne.

Ms Chris Rasmussen – Nurse Unit Manager, Cardiac Care Unit, MonashHeart, Dandenong

Ms Chris Rasmussen has lead the cardiac care nursing team at Dandenong Hospital for a number of years, a team that is very experienced in all disciplines of acute cardiac care nursing. Chris is active on a number of Monash Health committees including the resuscitation committee and clinical review committee.

Ms Lucy Rudolph – Lead Cardiac Rhythm Management Physiologist

Lucy has more than 13 years’ experience as a cardiac physiologist in various hospitals in London and Australia. For the last five years Lucy focussed on the sub-speciality area of cardiac rhythm management, with qualifications, skills and experience in both cardiac electrophysiology and devices. Lucy became the lead cardiac rhythm management physiologist for MonashHeart in May 2015.

Ms Pauline Ryan – Nurse Unit Manager, 32 South, Monash Medical Centre, Clayton

Ms Pauline Ryan began her career in cardiothoracic nursing and has undertaken a number of roles including cardiothoracic preadmission co-ordinator and acting nurse unit manager for the cardiac care unit and respiratory unit at Monash Medical Centre. She has a post-graduate qualification in cardiac care and worked for a number of years in both the intensive care unit and 32 South prior to undertaking management roles.

Ms Kara Zantuck – Nurse Unit Manager, Cardiac Catheterisation Laboratories & Cardiac CT

Kara Zantuck began her career in cardiothoracic nursing 11 years ago before gaining further nursing experience overseas. Her passion for cardiac nursing lead her to the cath lab in 2006, where she found her niche. Kara’s advanced skills in procedural cardiology have seen her involved in many MonashHeart first’s including TAVR, Watchman and Mitralclip procedures, and live case transmissions. With post-graduate qualifications in health management and experience as both cardiac cath lab ANUM and cardiac liaison coordinator, Kara now leads her team as nurse unit manager of the MonashHeart cardiac cath lab and cardiac CT service.

Senior Managers

Mr Rhys Jones – Business Manager

Mr Rhys Jones has worked extensively across many areas of health, including Jessie McPherson Private Hospital and more recently at the Department of Health and Human Services, before joining the MonashHeart team in June 2017 as the business manager.

Ms Kirsten Garner – Operations Manager

With an extensive background and post graduate qualifications in cardiothoracic and intensive care nursing as well as many years as the cardiac liaison co-ordinator for MonashHeart, Ms Kirsten Garner is well credentialed to undertake the role of operations manager – acute & cardiothoracics. Kirsten’s role ensures her love for MonashHeart and cardiothoracics is directed into service improvements in these areas.

Mr John Koutsoubos – Operations Manager

With a background in engineering, Mr John Koutsoubos changed his career to nursing, finding his niche in cardiac catheterisation laboratory nursing. John was the nurse unit manager of the three cardiac catheterisation laboratories at MonashHeart Clayton and the 320-slice cardiac CT service for a number of years before becoming the operations manager – diagnostics and procedural in 2014.

Ms Anne Mennen, Director of Development

Ms Anne Mennen has worked across many clinical cardiac areas as a registered nurse including cardiac care, emergency and cardiothoracics. She was the nurse unit manager of cardiothoracics 32 South Monash Medical Centre for seven years before 10 years as the operations manager for MonashHeart. More recently she has been seconded to work on developing the Victorian Heart Hospital; Australia’s first dedicated heart hospital to be built at Monash University, Clayton.

Service Heads

Dr Jeff Alison – Head of Cardiac Rhythm Management Services

Dr Jeff Alison completed his electrophysiology training at the University of Health Sciences Centre, Vancouver, Canada. Jeff has been the Head of Electrophysiology, Monash Medical Centre, Clayton since 1996 and since 2007 has been the Head of Cardiac Rhythm Management Services, MonashHeart. Jeff also holds an honorary electrophysiologist appointment with the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne.

Professor James Cameron – Associate Director of MonashHeart, Director of Monash Cardiovascular Research Centre

Professor James Cameron’s qualifications include a Bachelor of Engineering, Masters of Engineering Science, Bachelor of Medicine and Doctor Medicine. He is the Director of Monash Cardiovascular Research Centre, Director of Research and Education, MonashHeart and (adjunct) Professor of Medicine, Monash University as well as honorary Professor in the Latrobe Institute of Molecular Sciences, Latrobe University.

Dr Robert Gooley – Head of Interventional Services

Dr Robert Gooley is the head of interventional services and consults at MonashHeart Dandenong. He graduated from Monash University with first honours in 2004 and completed his physician training at Monash Health. He completed advanced training in cardiology at MonashHeart and has completed interventional fellowship and PhD. Robert is the recipient of an Australian Postgraduate Award, Faculty Postgraduate Excellence Award and a Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand scholarship.

Associate Professor Sarah Hope – Head of Paediatric Cardiology Services

Associate Professor Sarah Hope graduated from the University of Edinburgh and trained in paediatric cardiology both in the UK and in Australia. She achieved level 3 cardiac CT training at MonashHeart where she has extensive experience in cardiac CT for congenital heart disease. Sarah is Head of Paediatric Cardiology Services, MonashHeart, and practices as a paediatric cardiologist and CT cardiologist.

Associate Professor Philip Mottram – Head of Non Invasive Imaging Services

Associate Professor Phil Mottram is a clinical cardiologist and non invasive imaging specialist with expertise in all forms of echocardiography as well as cardiac CT. Phil is the Head of Non Invasive Imaging Service, MonashHeart, one of the busiest echo services in Victoria, performing over 16,000 echoes per year.

Associate Professor Arthur Nasis – Head of Acute Cardiac Services

Associate Professor Arthur Nasis is a consultant cardiologist and non-invasive imaging specialist who was appointed as the Head of Acute Cardiac Services, MonashHeart in February 2015. He has a particular clinical and research interest in the evolving role of cardiac imaging in the assessment of chest pain. He is the co-lead of the Victorian Cardiac Clinical Network, Department of Health & Human Services.

Associate Professor Sujith Seneviratne –  Co-Head of Cardiac CT Services

Associate Professor Sujith Seneviratne, a graduate from University of Melbourne, pursued his interest in cardiac CT by completing a research fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston in 2006-2007, achieving level 3 training. Sene is considered a leader in cardiac CT in Australia and is the Co-Head of the luminary site 320-slice Cardiac CT facility at MonashHeart where he also practices as an interventional cardiologist.