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This section is designed for health professionals seeking more information about MonashHeart including referral guidelines for GP’s and specialists aim to assist in the clinical indications for our cardiac tests and clinics. Please note these are guidelines only and every effort will be taken to ensure these are up-to-date.

Order referral forms

Please call 1300 MHEART to contact us if you wish to have copies of our A4 MonashHeart private practice software compatible referral forms delivered to your practice/area. We can also provide a electronic copy of our “fillable” referral form.

Test Referrals

Outpatient tests

Please fax to 03 9554 8548, scan and email to, mail or deliver referrals to MonashHeart Dandenong. While every effort will be made to arrange an appointment for your patient at the closest location to them, this is not always possible as some tests are not provided at all sites, or waiting times may be significantly shorter at an alternative MonashHeart site.

Please note appointments cannot be made over the telephone without a referral.

Download test referral form

Download fillable referral form

Inpatient tests

Inpatient tests are provided at all three of our sites but not all tests are provided at all sites. For general inpatient or emergent referrals, please fax the referral form to MonashHeart (fax details can be found on the referral form) or drop the form off at the MonashHeart front reception. For emergency referrals, please call the relevant on-call registrar, fellow or consultant as per the switchboard roster.

Referrals for tests are accepted on any providers referral form.

Tests offered to adult and paediatric patients include:

Adolescent and Adult Congenital Heart Disease Clinic

The Adolescent and Adult Congenital Heart Disease (AACHD) clinic is conducted once per month at MonashHeart Clayton. Options are also available to be seen at MonashHeart Casey.

The AACHD clinic is led by cardiologists with a thorough knowledge of both simple and complex congenital heart disease, associated surgeries and interventions, the potential longer term complications, together with the indications for further intervention or surgery for the adult population.

All patients with congenital heart disease would be advised to continue intermittent review with a congenital heart disease cardiologist throughout life.

The ACCHD clinic is bulk billed and there is no cost to the patient.

AACHD referral guidelines include:
Patients with congenital heart disease

  • Of adult age
  • Teenagers who are ready to transition from paediatric clinics.

A written referral can be faxed to 03 9554 8549 or email

Download AACHD referral form

Download fillable referral form

Advanced Lipid Disorder (ALD) Clinic

The Advanced Lipid Disorder (ALD) Service offers an integrated tertiary and primary care clinical lipid service for patients with hereditary lipid disorders and high risk of cardiovascular disease experiencing management issues. This includes familial hypercholesterolemia, familial combined hyperlipidaemia, patients with progressive coronary artery disease and poorly controlled lipid profile, atherogenic dyslipidaemia, serious side effects of statin therapy such as rhabdomyolysis and severe hypertriglyceridemia complicated by pancreatitis.

The ALD service is a unique model of care for the management of advanced lipid disorders in Victoria integrating a tertiary care cardiologist led multidisciplinary clinic in with general practitioner primary care. The ALD collaborating multidisciplinary team includes dietician, clinical pharmacist, paediatric cardiologist, pathologist, geneticist, genetic counsellor, social worker and clinical psychologist. The MonashHeart ADL service has access to lipid apheresis facilities for clinically indicated patients.

This service has been established on the evidence-based medicine to optimise prevention of cardiovascular disease in our community by improving interdisciplinary teamwork, communication, education, accessibility of care and cost-effectiveness.  Patients experiencing difficulties in the management of dyslipidaemia such as statin intolerance, those carrying a high risk of cardiovascular disease and not achieving target level lipid profiles can be referred to one of the primary care GP-led lipid clinics working in partnership with MonashHeart ALD service. Details of primary care clinics include:

The MonashHeart Advanced Lipid Disorder (ALD) clinic consultations are a bulk-billed service; however, there may be costs to cover pathology tests and/or additional lipid biomarkers.

ALD clinic referral guidelines include patients with

  • Suspected familial hypercholesterolemia with DLCNS* ≥3
  • Premature coronary artery disease (male<55 and female<60 years old) and suspected as having hereditary lipid disorders such as familial hypercholesterolemia, familial combined hyperlipidaemia
  • Patients with documented progressive coronary artery disease and atherogenic dyslipidaemia
  • Severe hypertriglyceridemia, TG>10 mmol/L with or without complication of pancreatitis
  • Documented severe rhabdomyolysis as a side effect of statin therapy

The ALD clinic is not aimed for patients with

  • Uncomplicated statin intolerance
  • Secondary dyslipidaemia
  • Intermediate to high-risk profile patients for primary prevention
  • Not formerly screened by DLCNS* or phenotypical diagnosis of familial hypercholesterolemia
  • Age < 18

A written referral along with copies of baseline investigations (in order to accept the referral copies of results MUST be sent with the referral)

  • Lipid profile (Including lipoprotein (a) and Apo-B)
  • Fasting blood sugar and HbA1c
  • Liver function

can be faxed to +61 3 9554 8548 or email

Paediatric patients with a lipid disorder aged under the age of 18 will be seen by the MonashHeart paediatric cardiology service by faxing a referral and lipid profile results to +61 3 9554 8548 or email

*Dutch Lipid Clinical Network Score

Download ALD clinic referral form

Download fillable referral form

Cardiac Inherited Diseases (CID) Clinic

The MonashHeart Cardiac Inherited Diseases (CID) clinic is conducted fortnightly at MonashHeart Clayton and offers an entry point for young individuals who may be at risk of sudden cardiac death into the MonashHeart Cardiology service.

The CID clinic is a cardiologist led clinic focusing on the diagnosis and management of inherited cardiac channelopathies including (but not limited to) Long QT Syndrome, Short QT Syndrome, Brugada Syndrome, Catecholaminergic Polymorphic Ventricular Tachycardia, and Idiopathic Ventricular Fibrillation. The clinic is bulk billed. Download CID clinic referral form.

CID referral guidelines include any of the following:


  • Aged between 12 to 40 years
  • Personal or family history of:
    • Long QT syndrome
    • Short QT syndrome
    • Brugada syndrome
    • Catecholaminergic polymorphic ventricular tachycardia
  • Survivor of an unexplained cardiac arrest below the age of 40 years
  • Family history of an unexplained sudden death below the age of 40 years
  • Recurrent unexplained syncope (>1 episode)

ECG Characteristics

  • QTc > 460 ms in males
  • QTc > 480 ms in females
  • QTc ≤ 360 ms
  • Type I, II, or III Brugada pattern on ECG
  • Short coupled ventricular ectopic beats (<300ms)
  • Polymorphic ventricular arrhythmias (>4 consecutive ventricular beats of differing morphology)

A written referral along with an 12 lead ECG is required and can be faxed to 03 9554 8549 or emailed to

Download CID clinic referral form

Download fillable referral form

Cardiac Rehabilitation

MonashHeart and Monash Health provide six cardiac rehabilitation programs based across sites of the Monash Health catchment area. Cardiac rehabilitation aims to facilitate recovery from a cardiac event, help reduce the risk of a further cardiac event and facilitate return to work and leisure activities. Click here for more information

A medical professional can make a referral using our CRP Referral form needed to book the client into a cardiac rehabilitation program.

Download CRP referral form

Complex Atrial Fibrillation Assessment (CAFA) Clinic

The Complex Atrial Fibrillation Assessment (CAFA) Clinic is a tertiary referral clinic conducted fortnightly at MonashHeart Clayton and offers an entry point for AF patients with documented management issues into the specialised MonashHeart cardiac rhythm management service.

This is a cardiologist led, bulk billed clinic for the review of outpatients with management problems including:

  • Symptomatic drug refractory AF
  • Intolerance to or significant side effects from anti-arrhythmic drugs (class 1 or 3)
  • Unstable anticoagulation or bleeding complications
  • Assessment for catheter ablation for AF, pacemaker implantation/AV node ablation or left atrial appendage closure device
  • Monitoring of outcomes post cardiac surgical intervention for AF

A written referral is required and can be faxed to 03 9554 8549 or scanned and emailed to or delivered to MonashHeart Clayton.

Download CAFA referral form

Download fillable referral form

Early Intervention Systolic Heart Failure (EISHF) Clinic

The MonashHeart Early Intervention Systolic Heart Failure (EISHF) Clinic is an innovative nurse led, cardiologist run program with a clinic conducted each week at MonashHeart Clayton. The EISHF clinic offers patients with newly diagnosed left ventricular dysfunction early and streamlined access. The program provides health literacy counselling and early pharmacological intervention aimed at enhancing patient self-management, improving LV ejection fraction and reducing hospital readmission rates.

Referral can be made by faxing a referral to (03) 9554 8548, or by email or by contacting the EISHF clinical nurse coordinator on 0419 715 695 or (03) 9594 4761 or email

General Rhythm Assessment (GRAC) Clinic

The MonashHeart General Rhythm Assessment Clinic (GRAC) is a tertiary referral clinic conducted weekly at MonashHeart Dandenong.

GRAC offers an entry point for patients with a new diagnoses of supraventricular tachycardia, atrial flutter, atrial fibrillation and other general rhythm disorders and symptoms including palpitations and syncope into the MonashHeart cardiology service.

Patients will be initially consulted by a cardiologist/electrophysiologist and the cardiac rhythm management (CRM) clinical nurse consultant, with ongoing review, education, investigations and treatment as appropriate, along with telephone access to the CRM clinical nurse consultant for advice and support.

There will be no cost to the patient. The GRAC clinic is bulk billed.

GRAC Referral Criteria:

  • Atrial Tachycardia
  • SVT
  • Atrial Flutter
  • Atrial Fibrillation (AF) (paroxysmal, persistent or permanent)
    • New diagnoses of AF prior to routine baseline investigations and commencement of therapy
    • Asymptomatic AF on stable drug therapy
    • Asymptomatic AF found on opportunistic screening
    • Recent presentation with a strong suspicion of AF due to symptoms
  • Bradycardia
  • Symptomatic Ventricular Ectopy
  • Palpitations NOT associated with CID criteria (see CID clinic information in above sub-section )
  • Pre-syncopal/Syncopal episodes NOT associated with CID criteria (see above)

A written referral can be faxed to (03) 9554 8549 or email or contact the CRM clinical nurse consultant on (03) 9594 3881.

Hypertension Clinic

The Hypertension Clinic at MonashHeart Clayton (Suite D) is led by hypertension specialist Dr Om Narayan.

The Hypertension Clinic offers a referral service for hypertensive patients experiencing management issues, including but not limited to drug-refractory hypertension, intolerance to, or side effects from anti-hypertensive medications, unstable blood pressures or for consideration of renal denervation.  The clinic offers rapid access to 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, echocardiography, sleep studies and comprehensive evaluation for secondary causes of hypertension.

There will be no cost to the patient as is a bulk billed service. 24-Hr ambulatory blood pressure monitoring will performed, where appropriate, at no charge to the patient.

Appropriate patients may include those:

  • Not achieving target blood pressure despite multiple medications or attempts at lifestyle intervention
  • Intolerant to antihypertensive therapy
  • Experiencing significant side-effects from therapy
  • Suspected as having a secondary cause of hypertension such as renovascular disease, primary hyperaldosteronism, with associated conditions including obstructive sleep apnoea

A written referral can be faxed to (03) 9554 8548 or email

Download Hypertension Clinic referral form

Download fillable referral form

Paediatric Cardiology Clinic

The MonashHeart Paediatric Cardiology Clinic is a weekly specialist cardiologist run clinic conducted at both MonashHeart Clayton and MonashHeart Dandenong for babies and children with known, or suspected congenital heart disease, or have symptoms of palpitations, chest pain, syncope or pre-syncope.

Referral can be made by faxing a referral to (03) 9554 8548, or by email

Paediatric Murmur Clinic (PMC)

The PMC is conducted by a paediatric cardiologist once a week at MonashHeart Clayton, offering early outpatient assessment, investigation and diagnosis. Patients will be seen the once at the PMC and, if further cardiology follow-up is required, this will be discussed with the parents and arranged accordingly. Written referrals will be accepted from general practitioners and specialists. Download PMC referral form.

PMC referral guidelines include:
Babies or children with a heart murmur who do NOT have symptoms of palpitations, syncope or presyncope, chest pain or significant non-cardiac disease.

To make a PMC appointment please fax the referral to 03 9554 8548, scan and email to or deliver/post to MonashHeart Clayton.

Download PMC referral form

Download fillable referral form

Private Consultation Referrals

Letters of referral for private consultation are accepted on letterhead, signed by a general practitioner or specialist with referring doctor provider number details. Please fax to 03 9554 1930, scan and email to, mail or deliver referrals to MonashHeart Dandenong so an appointment can be made. The patient will be sent, faxed or emailed a letter of appointment with details of location, date, time and cost.

Procedure Referrals

Our cardiac liaison team co-ordinate and book all public and private patients for cardiac procedures including:

  • Diagnostic and interventional coronary and structural catheterisation laboratory procedures – two cardiac catheterisation laboratories located at MonashHeart Clayton
  • Cardiac rhythm catheterisation laboratory procedures – one cardiac catheterisation laboratory located at MonashHeart Clayton
  • Elective cardioversion – performed each Wednesday morning at the MonashHeart Dandenong cardiac care unit, Dandenong Hospital (public patients) and Jessie McPherson Private Hospital cardiac care unit (private patients).

Outpatient procedures
Referrals for procedures can only be accepted from a cardiologist accompanied by a detailed letter documenting the patients current and past history, medications, relevant blood results and presenting treatment needs.

Booking office telephone: (03) 9594 2684
Booking office fax: (03) 9594 2091
Cardiac Liaison Coordinator: 0416 146 078

Mailing address:
Catheterisation Laboratory Booking Office,
MonashHeart, 246 Clayton Road,
Clayton, 3168

Inpatient procedures
Inpatient procedures will be performed once the patient has been reviewed and accepted for the procedure by a MonashHeart registrar, fellow or consultant.
For public patients please contact:

  • Monash Medical Centre Clayton: MonashHeart Clayton referrals registrar via switchboard 92
  • Dandenong Hospital: MonashHeart Dandenong registrar via switchboard 91
  • Casey Hospital: MonashHeart Clayton referrals registrar via switchboard 92

For private patients please contact the consultant cardiologist on-call for private patients via Clayton switchboard 92.

Co-ordination of the daily cardiac catheterisation laboratory procedure list is performed by the Cardiac Liaison Coordinator on 0416 146 078.

Rapid Assessment Chest Pain Clinic (RACPC)

The RACPC is conducted three times per week at MonashHeart Clayton. This clinic is a cardiologist led one-stop clinic.

RACPC referral guidelines include chest pain suspected to be of cardiac origin including

  • New onset chest pain
  • Increasing chest pain
  • Change in pattern of chest pain
  • Chest pain of uncertain origin
  • Other chest pain of concern

A written referral is required and can be faxed to 03 9554 8549, scanned and emailed to or delivered to MonashHeart Clayton.

Download RACPC referral form

Download fillable referral form

Structural Heart Disease (SHD) Clinic

The MonashHeart Structural Heart Disease (SHD) program is multidisciplinary program involving a clinical nurse coordinator, interventional cardiologists, echocardiologists and cardiac surgeons, with a clinic conducted each week at MonashHeart Clayton. The SHD program commenced in 2008 and is one of the highest volume and most experienced centres in Australia, offering patients with suspected advanced and complex valvular and structural heart disease options for evaluation, diagnosis and treatment. The program specialises in percutaneous treatment options for patients who do not qualify for conventional open heart surgery, including transcatheter aortic valve replacement, transcatheter mitral valve replacement, mitral clipping and cinching, atrial and ventricular septal defect closure and closure of patent ductus arterious.

Referral can be made by faxing a referral to (03) 9594 6239, or by email or by contacting the SHD clinical nurse coordinator on (03) 9594 4335.

Download SHD clinic referral form

Download fillable referral form

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