MonashHeart became a luminary site for the 320-slice Toshiba Aquilion One CT scanner in September 2008, the first health service to do so in the southern hemisphere.  This scanner provides the latest technology in CT scanning. It covers up to 16cm in a single rotation using 320 detector-rows, making it possible to scan the entire heart in a single rotation in less than half a second providing superior image quality and very low dose of radiation. In 2012 the scanner was upgraded to the ViSION; Toshiba’s newest and most advanced system.

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  • Over 3,270 cardiac CTs are performed each year at MonashHeart, making it one of the busiest scanners in the world. Additionally our service has consistently produced ground-breaking research in cardiac CT.
  • Cardiac CT can non invasively diagnose coronary artery and congenital heart disease. For cardiac CT indications please see our referral guidelines.
  • Calcium scoring is offered for asymptomatic patients at intermediate risk of cardiovascular events which allows more accurate risk stratification. For calcium scoring indications please see our referral guidelines.
  • Our reporting team of cardiologists has been trained to the highest standards; over 90% have the highest possible credentialing in cardiac CT – level B.
  • All cardiac findings of all cardiac CTs are dual reported by both a reporting cardiologist and radiologist,  ensuring a superior reporting service to all patients.
  • Referrals can be made by specialists using our referral form. Cardiac CT scans are bulk billed. As there is no item number for calcium scoring there is a $250 charge for this service.
  • GP referrals for cardiac CT may be assessed by our Cardiologist led Rapid Assessment Chest Pain Clinic (RACPC) for suitability. RACPC referral form
  • The average waiting time is less than one week. Please contact MonashHeart Clayton on 03 9594 2047 for any urgent referrals.

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