MonashHeart’s interventional team provides a leading 24/7 service of a wide spectrum of diagnostic and interventional coronary and structural cardiac procedures to public and private patients of Monash Health south east Melbourne, south east Victoria and associated regional areas. The unique blend of experience and innovation ensures there is a comprehensive team to manage all aspects of advanced patient care. This collaboration of experience and advanced clinical skills has allowed MonashHeart to emerge as one of the largest and most progressive interventional services in Australia.

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  • The interventional service has two state-of-the-art cardiac catheterisation laboratories including the installation of the first-ever Toshiba biplane Infinix CFi cardiac catheterisation laboratory in Australia. This laboratory has the added features of fully integrated intravascular ultrasound (IVUS), optical coherence tomography and capacity for 3D digital subtraction angiography (DSA) acquisition and rotational digital acquisition.
  • We perform 1,487 percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) procedures and over 3,395 coronary angiograms per year. MonashHeart has seen a gradual increase in the demand for primary PCI services from 1994, when we pioneered the first 24/7 primary PCI service in Victoria performing 38 infarct PCI’s, to today providing over 402 primary or rescue PCI’s per annum.
  • Our flagship programs include:
    • MonAMI project: Our 12-lead ECG project in collaboration with Ambulance Victoria in 2009 has been an outstanding success, with statistically significant reductions in door to balloon times (D2BT) and patient mortality. Our successes have been recognised by the Victorian Government, which has now funded extension of the project across metropolitan Melbourne and Geelong.
    • Structural Heart Disease Program: MonashHeart was the first centre in Australasia to become accredited for the CoreValve program. In 2012 we performed 43 aortic valve implantations including the world first Sadra Lotus fully repositionable heart valve. Since the commencement of our program we have implanted over 300 heart valves percutaneously.
    • Acute infarct PCI: MonashHeart has firmly established itself as one of the premier infarct PCI providers in the country. There has been a steady growth in the number of infarct PCIs every year many which are performed by radial approach.
    • Complex transradial coronary intervention: We were one of the first institutions in Australia to provide transradial PCI in 1994. Currently 6,890 of our PCIs are performed transradially including many ST elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) cases with excellent D2BT. We are one of the premier institutions in Australia to provide complex transradial PCI including bifurcation PCI, chronic total coronary occlusion, saphenous vein graft intervention and rotational atherectomy.
    • Intravascular service: Since establishing the first IVUS program in Australia in 1994, we have become firmly established as the national leader in this technology. Not only is our IVUS database one of the largest in Australia but we have an internationally credentialed IVUS physician (by Cleveland Clinic, Ohio).
  • Our service is also proud to include a comprehensive research component, establishing MonashHeart as a leading service of excellence. We actively run and participate in national and international multi-centre clinical trials, first-in-man clinical studies and world-class research. We are also very active in investigator initiated research.
  • Each year MonashHeart is invited to transmit live cases from the cardiac catheterisation laboratories via satellite to the most prestigious international cardiology conferences including Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics Conference (Washington DC and India), China Interventional Therapeutics Conference (China), European Association of Percutaneous Cardiovascular Interventions (EuroPCR) Conference (Paris and Singapore) and Australia & New Zealand Endovascular Therapies (ANZET) Meeting (South Australia).

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