The internet provides access to a range of information and support. We would suggest some caution as not all information on the internet is correct and small differences may be critical in the management of heart disease. We suggest you stay with reputable sites, and if you find information which differs from your discussions with your heart specialist that you print the information and bring it with you to your next appointment.

You may find the following websites helpful:

Our Partners

  • is the website of Jessie McPherson Hospital, co-located at Monash Medical Centre, Clayton, Melbourne where our private patients are managed by a their heart specialist during any required hospitalisation.

Patient Information

  • is a site which provides comprehensive information for the community regarding heart disease in Australia.
  • promotes better understanding for individuals with cardiac arrhythmias.
  • has a section dedicated to patient information regarding heart rhythm disorders, risk factors and treatment options.
  • provides medication safety information for consumers and caregivers and ways of avoiding drug-induced cardiac arrhythmias.
  • offers a consumer-friendly guide on medical genetics for patients and their family members.
  • is a consumer information service of the American College of Cardiology Foundation offering heart disease basic facts and more detailed explanations.
  • is the award winning health and medical information website of the Victorian government including information on heart health conditions, tests and treatments.
  • has information for individuals with heart failure, including how the heart works, heart failure prevention and heart failure treatment.

Patient Support

  • is the website of Heart Support, the only national heart support organisation of its kind in Australia, providing initiatives, education and support for people with a heart condition.
  • provides useful information of the HeartKids mission of support, awareness and advocacy for heart kids and their families.
  • Help and information is available to families and relatives on the sudden arrhythmia death syndrome (SADS) website
  • is a new not for profit organisation that provides support, education and empowerment to adults with heart disease. View Hearts 4 Heart Flyer

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