John’s Second Chance

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On the 6th of July 2012 I suffered a serious heart attack. The day started off just like any other, until all of a sudden I felt really unwell and could feel a little heart burn. I didn’t feel any pain in my chest, so I had no idea what was happening. I was lucky enough to be at work, where my friend kept me calm and took me to see a GP. If I had been at home I would likely have gone back to bed.

At the GP’s office I had an ECG tracing, with the result showing I may be experiencing a heart problem. After failing to draw blood for a blood test, I had a second ECG, and it was then that I was diagnosed as having a heart attack. What a shock!

While in the ambulance on my way to the MonashHeart, I asked one of the paramedics whether or not I was really had a heart attack, citing that I felt fine. The paramedic responded by showing me the print out from the ECG, showing that my heart had been going crazy and then back to normal. I went straight into the Cardiac Catheterisation Laboratory  upon arrival at Monash, bypassing the Emergency Department as I was a critical priority for an emergency coronary angioplasty procedure, going on to have two stents inserted into my coronary arteries. Later that night, while recovering in the Monash Cardiac Care Unit, my blood pressure dropped dangerously low, but I was saved by the skills of the doctors and nurses once more.

John's second chance

I have since made a complete recovery, thanks to the treatment from the MonashHeart staff of the Cardiac Care Unit and the Wantirna Cardiac Rehabilitation team. I am now enjoying life to its fullest.  I have also started to address my risk factors.
I have fixed my diet and, with regular exercise, I have dropped around 20kgs by walking and swimming.

After doing some research about my family I found out that I was the fourth generation in a row to suffer a heart attack, but the first to make it pass the age of 50 beforehand. I had always regularly had my blood pressure checked before my heart attack and wasn’t on any medication, so you can see why my heart attack came as a shock.

Each and everyday I thank all of the healthcare professionals who worked on and helped me, giving me more time with my family. I would just like to thank you all, you have done an amazing job and I plan on ensuring that I never suffer from heart problems again.

Thank you for my second chance!

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