Assoc Prof Phil Mottram

Academic appointment details

  • Adjunct Associate Professor, School of Clinical Sciences at Monash Health, Monash University
  • Head of Non Invasive Imaging Services, MonashHeart, Monash Health

Academic address

Monash Medical Centre
246 Clayton Road, Clayton
Victoria Australia 3168

Academic contact details

Phone: +61 3 9594 2680
Fax: +61 3 9594 2246

Summary of qualifications, experience and current interests

Associate Professor Phil Mottram MBBS (Hons), PhD, FRACP, FCSANZ

Associate Professor Philip Mottram completed his undergraduate degree at Monash University with a high distinction, winning three prestigious university prizes. He completed his clinical cardiology training in 2000, followed by an 18 month fellowship in Clinical Echocardiology with the Department of Cardiology at Monash Medical Centre.

A/Prof Philip Mottram then undertook a research fellowship as a National Heart Foundation Scholar with the Cardiac Imaging Research Group in the University of Queensland Department of Medicine. During his PhD, Phil won many competitive scholarships and presented many abstract papers at national and international conferences, including several presentations at the scientific sessions of the AHA, ACC, and ESC. Dr Philip Mottram completed his PhD in 2005 leading to several publications in leading international journals, including first author studies in Circulation and JACC. As a result of his work, Dr Philip Mottram was awarded the John H Tyrer Prize in Internal Medicine and the Dean’s Commendation for Outstanding Research Higher Degree Thesis.

With research interests in the quantitative assessment of myocardial function with echocardiography, Dr Philip Mottram has been an invited speaker at a number of national and international conferences, is a regular reviewer for a number of international journals, and is a reviewer of grant applications for the NHF and NH & MRC

A/Prof Philip Mottram was appointed as Head of Non Invasive Imaging Services, MonashHeart in 2007, and has overseen a major expansion in echocardiographic services across three MonashHeart sites, as well as developing collaborative research and fellowship programs. In 2008, Dr Philip Mottram completed Level 2 Cardiac CT Training at CVCTA Education in San Francisco, and is a regular reporter of cardiac CT for MonashHeart. He also holds an Adjunct Associate Professor position with the Department of Medicine, Monash University, and is active in undergraduate and post-graduate teaching.

Professional qualifications

Qualifications – Monash University

  • Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery M.B. B.S. 1991

Qualifications – The University of Queensland

  • Doctor of Philosophy (Medicine) Ph.D. 2005


  • Level 2 SCCT 2008

Professional registrations

  • Registered medical practitioner, Australia

Scientific and professional societies

  • Fellow of the Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand
  • Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians
Current appointments
  • Head of Non Invasive Imaging, MonashHeart, Monash Health
  • Adjunct Associate Professor, School of Clinical Sciences at Monash Health, Monash University
  • Member, Senior Medical Staff, MonashHeart, Monash Health, Melbourne, Australia
  • Cardiologist, Cabrini Medical Centre, Malvern, Melbourne, Australia
  • Associate Cardiologist, Melbourne Heart Care, Brighton, Victoria
Awards and honours
  • John H. Tyrer Prize in Internal Medicine, The University of Queensland, 2005
  • Dean’s Commendation for Outstanding Research Higher Degree Thesis, The University of Queensland, 2005
  • Sir Edward Hughes Medal for Surgery, Monash University, 1991
  • Fairfield Hospital Clinical Prize in Infectious Diseases, Monash University, 1990
  • Nairn Medal in Pathology and Immunology, Monash University, 1989
Research interests

Main research endeavours include:

  • Early markers of myocardial dysfunction in anthracycline cardiomyopathy
  • Assessment of left ventricular function with 320-slice cardiac CT
  • Assessment of patent foramen ovale anatomy with 3-D transoesophageal echocardiography
  • Response of myocardial function to afterload reduction following percutaneous aortic valve implantation

Mottram PM. Use of New Echocardiographic Techniques to Assess Myocardial Structure and Function: Implications for Diagnosis and Treatment of Hypertensive Heart Disease and Diastolic Heart Failure. Doctor of Philosophy (Medicine), The University of Queensland, 2005

Peer reviewed articles in scientific journals

  1. Nerlekar N, Mulley W, Rehmani H, Ramkumar S, Cheng K, Vasanthakumar SA, Rashid H, Barton T, Nasis A, Meredith IT, Moir S, Mottram PM. Feasibility of exercise stress echocardiography for cardiac risk assessment in chronic kidney disease patients prior to renal transplantation. Clinical Transplantation. 2016;10:1209-1215
  2. Peverill RE, Chou B, Donelan L, Mottram PM, Gelman JS. Possible mechanisms underlying aging-related changes in early diastolic filling and long axis motion – Left ventricular length and blood pressure. PLoS ONE. 2016;6:e0158302
  3. Cai TY, Magnussen C, Haluska B, Johnson DW, Mottram PM, Isbel N, Celermajer DS, Marwick TH, Skilton MR. Carotid extra-medial thickness does not predict adverse cardiovascular outcomes in high-risk adults. Diabetes and Metabolism. 2016;3:200-203
  4. Nerlekar N, Narayan O, Sapontis J, Stokes M, Vasanthakumar SA, Mottram PM, Harper RW. Percutaneous closure of three atrial septal defects with three interleaved atrial septal occluders in an adult patient. International Journal of Cardiology. 2016;7-8
  5. Xu B, Mottram PM, Peverill R. Platypnoea-orthodeoxia syndrome: To assess breathlessness occurring in the upright position, transthoracic echocardiography should be performed in the upright position. International Journal of Cardiology. 2016;636-638
  6. Japp AG, Moir S, Mottram PM. Echocardiographic Quantification of Left Ventricular Systolic Function. Heart Lung and Circulation. 2015;6:532-535
  7. Ward M, Ward M, Jepson N, Harding S, Better N, Christiansen J, Mottram PM. Proposed recommendations for myocardial revascularisation. Heart Lung and Circulation. 2015;7:635-643
  8. Nasis A, Moir S, Meredith IT, Barton TL, Nerlekar N, Wong DT, Ko BS, Cameron JD, Mottram PM. Abnormal left ventricular contractile response to exercise in the absence of obstructive coronary artery disease is associated with resting left ventricular long-axis dysfunction. Journal of the American Society of Echocardiography. 2015;1:95-105
  9. Romanelli G, Harper RW, Mottram PM. Transcatheter Closure of Secundum Atrial Septal Defects: Results in Patients with Large and Extreme Defects. Heart Lung and Circulation. 2014;2:127-131
  10. Barton TL, Mottram PM, Stuart RL, Cameron JD, Moir S. Transthoracic echocardiography is still useful in the initial evaluation of patients with suspected infective endocarditis: Evaluation of a large cohort at a tertiary referral center.                 Mayo Clinic Proceedings. 2014;6:799-805

Recent invited international and national participation

Port Douglas Heart Meeting, 2010
Port Douglas June 2010
National Faculty Member
“Diastology in Clinical Practice – Putting it all together”
“Clinical Cases in Diastology”
“When is LVH LVH?”

Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand Annual Scientific Meeting, 2010
Adelaide 2010
Moderator: “Imaging in Valvular Heart Disease”

13th Asia Pacific Congress of Doppler Echocardiography, 2009
Brisbane May 2009
Chair: “Debates in Multi-modality Imaging”
Debate: “MR should be the first test in heart failure”
Presentation: “Diastology workshop”

Echo Australia Meeting (Prince Charles Hospital  / Mayo Clinic), 2009
Sydney October 2009
National Faculty Member
“Fundamentals of Scanning workshop with live demonstrations”
“Clinical case discussions in cardiomyopathy”
“Clinical applications in diastology: How do we use in the clinical setting?”
“”The breathless patient” – How to use the diastology stress test”

4th Asian Pacific Congress of Heart Failure, 2008
Melbourne, February 2008
Presentation: “Diagnosis of Heart Failure with Normal Systolic Function”
Chair: “Imaging the Failing Heart: Selection for Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy”

Melbourne Arterial Function Group Meeting, 2006
Melbourne, June 2006
“Arterial Stiffness and Diastolic Dysfunction in Hypertensive Heart Disease”

Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand Annual Scientific Meeting, 2005
Perth, August 2005
“Diastology 2005 – What’s New?”

Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand Annual Scientific Meeting, 2004
Brisbane, August 2004
Diastology – Rocket Science To Clinical Tool.
“Diastolic Heart Failure – Clinical Setting, Current Definitions and Therapy.”

European Society of Cardiology Congress
, 2003.
Vienna, September 2003
FOCUS Imaging Intervention Session
“Imaging Ischaemic Heart Failure: Echocardiography and Beyond”

2nd Annual Queensland Heart Failure Meeting, 2002
Noosa, April 2002.
“Echocardiographic Assessment of Diastolic Function in Heart Failure”

Higher degree by supervision
Ph.D. Monash University (Faculty of Medicine, Nursing & Health Sciences)
  • 2011 Dr Arthur Nasis: Novel imaging techniques for the diagnosis of coronary artery disease and myocardial ischaemia. Co-supervision with Professor James Cameron
  • 2011 Dr Siobhan Lockwood: Multi-modality assessment of the aortic root and ascending aorta – implications for diagnosis and treatment of cardiac disease. Co-supervision with Professor James Cameron

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