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Dr Michael Leung
Cardiolog and t
Dr Michael Leung graduated from Monash University with honours in 1995, and has subsequently completed an impressive array of traineeships in clinical cardiology and cardiology research. Michael undertook further specialist training for five years as the interventional fellow/PhD fellow at Monash Medical Centre Clayton, before relocating to South Australia for two years to complete a post doctoral cardiology fellowship in cardiac CT (level 2) and MRI (level 2) with Professor Stephen Worthley at the Royal Adelaide Hospital. Michael has won a number of scholarships, awards and prizes for his research work including the National Heart Foundation J Trust Fund post-doctoral award in 2008. Michael has published widely with articles published in MJA, Am J Physiology Heart Circulation and Cardiology General Practice Journal, and has had over 30 conference abstract publications nationally and internationally. Michael is a reporting cardiologist with the MonashHeart cardiac CT luminary site team, an interventional cardiologist and a member of Monash Health’s senior medical staff. Consults at MonashHeart Dandenong and Casey