Your donations have made a big difference and enabled us to purchase new cardiac equipment to expand and improve our services to cardiac patients of all ages as well as enable us to conduct further research into cardiac disease

Individual Donations

We are very thankful for the kindness and  generosity of our former patients. We recently received a $200 donation from a former patient – which was his third annual donation to us in thanks for our efforts in saving his life a number of years ago. His donation helped purchase a new echocardiogram machine for MonashHeart Casey.

Heartfelt Bequests

A number of patients have also included MonashHeart in their Wills. A former patient, who had undergone a number of cardiology tests and procedures to treat his heart disease, left $50,000 in his will for MonashHeart, which will go towards new equipment purchases to improve patient care. Another bequest for $75,000 was made specifically for cardiac research, a wonderful gesture that we have committed to furthering our research into this major killer of Australians, young and old.

Donations from Organisations and Associations

Both the Rotary Club of Berwick and Clayton have made a number of donations including TV and DVD player for paediatric echocardiogram services – one for MonashHeart Casey and another for MonashHeart Clayton. An entertaining DVD proves to be an excellent distraction for children while they have an echocardiogram.

Mail-out Campaign Donations

A mail-out campaign received overwhelming support from our former patients, with over $8,000 in funds raised. This enabled an expansion of Holter services at Casey, halving waiting times, leading to more timely medical care. Mail-out donations were also used to purchase two ambulatory blood pressure machines now used at MonashHeart Dandenong and MonashHeart Casey. Previously only available at MonashHeart Clayton, patients from other areas no longer need to travel as far for this test to detect for the presence of hypertension.

Donations Received From Sponsors of our Fundraising Events

Through our inaugural fundraising golf challenge in 2009, over $40,000 was raised. This enabled purchase of much needed equipment including two 12-lead ECG machines, the most basic of cardiac tools, for MonashHeart Dandenong and MonashHeart Casey. Another $9,000 was used to purchase four new Holter monitors, enabling commencement of a new service at Dandenong. $12,000 was used to purchase a point-of-care iStat blood analyser machine for MonashHeart Clayton. No longer do our patients need to have blood tests a few days before their cardiac CT (imaging) appointment, instead a simple blood test on arrival is performed with results in two minutes.

Our 2010 golf challenge was a great success, enabling purchase of a new heart ultrasound probe especially for new born babies and young children. Our little ones no longer need to travel to Clayton or Dandenong, as this echocardiogram service at MonashHeart Casey ensures services close to home.

The amazing efforts of 24 cyclists in the April 2011 Murray to Moyne cycle challenge (520 kilometres over 24 hours) raised nearly $35,000 for MonashHeart. A “Lucas thumper” device was purchased for very sick cardiac arrest patients in the cardiac cath lab at Clayton. This $12,000 device delivers chest compressions in the event of cardiac arrest, ensuring effective and efficient CPR while enabling life-saving heart procedures to continue at the same time. We are proud to be the first to have such a device in Australia and expect this will significantly improve the outcomes of our sickest patients.

Thanks to our wonderful sponsors, our Port to Port 2013 bike ride raised over $18,000 for a new service wide Holter monitoring system.

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