MonashHeart relies on the support of volunteers in two key areas:

Adminsitrative/Patient support volunteering

The opportunities

Do you want to make a difference not only in your life but in the lives of others? Volunteering with MonashHeart gives you opportunities to contribute to our efforts in improving the lives of patients with heart disease. Our volunteers make a wonderful contribution to our work, offering real support to patients and tangible improvements in the provision of services to patients of all ages.

Appropriate training and orientation will be provided by Monash Health and MonashHeart staff, ensuring you are comfortable in your new volunteering role. Across MonashHeart our volunteers provide

  • Guidance to patients around the hospital
  • Support across MonashHeart services
  • Social support to patients and their carers and family
  • Greeting of patients coming in for their MonashHeart test or procedure.

Our volunteers come from all backgrounds and ages. They range from those seeking to improve and learn new skills to those who want to meet new people and volunteer for personal fulfilment. We thank all our volunteers for their invaluable contribution to MonashHeart and the community.

Application Process

Please feel free to apply via the Monash Health website

Volunteering for Research

Are you interested in becoming a clinical research volunteer to help us in our research projects? We have a wide range of clinical research trials ranging from new devices for heart rhythm management, artificial heart valves inserted ‘minimally invasively’ via the leg, to new coronary stents to manage coronary artery disease.

Before enrolling in a clinical research trial, our study co-ordinators will ensure you meet the criteria for participation. Participation is voluntary and you can withdraw at any time from the research trial without any impact on your current or future care with MonashHeart, Monash Health.

All information obtained as part of a clinical research trial remains strictly confidential and will only be used for the purposes of the approved research project.

All our research projects have been approved by the Monash Health Human Research and Ethics Committee, which operates under stringent national guidelines for ethical conduct of human research.

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